Introduce Candidates to the Voters with Victory VoIP

It is 9 months until Election Day.  Your campaign is focused on raising money and increasing your candidate's name ID.  However, money is going to be tight and there is only enough budgeted for 6 weeks of TV, mail, and other traditional advertising.  What can be done in a cost effective way to reach voters and start building name ID for the candidate?

The answer is introductory calls with Victory VoIP.

Calling targeted voters and introducing the candidate is a great way to begin building momentum for your campaign and laying the foundation for your paid media campaign.  These calls can be used to collect valuable Voter information – all while tracking your data in real time. You’re just one step away from following up these calls with personalized letters, post cards, or emails.

Identify Voters with Victory VoIP

With Victory VoIP, Voter ID can be collected in two ways.

Volunteer Calls
The Victory VoIP phones are equipped to identify targeted voters.  Calls can be made using a generic “Survey USA” caller ID number, and volunteers can easily be trained on asking the important questions.  All answers are recorded directly on the phones without having to use cumbersome bubble sheets or other computers.  All your data is kept in real time, and easily downloadable and transferrable into Voter Vault or whatever proprietary database your campaign may be using.

Automated ID
Thousands of voters can be identified daily using Victory VoIP's automated ID feature.  Here is how it works:
A professional voice talent records polling questions and then the Victory VoIP dialer calls voters asking them to participate in a brief opinion survey.  The answers are recorded using touchtones and the data is tracked in real time.  Just like volunteer Voter ID, data is easily downloadable and transferrable into your campaign’s proprietary database and Voter Vault.

Persuading Voters with Victory VoIP

Unleash the power of your volunteers by making calls to undecided voters.  Voters are most likely to get off the fence when they receive a personal contact from the candidate or one the candidate's volunteers.

With an on-message script and properly trained volunteers, Victory VoIP can be used to persuade undecided voters, and because Victory VoIP's technology allows volunteers to call three times as many voters as traditional phone banks, your campaign will have a tremendous competitive advantage.

Placing Yard Signs with Victory VoIP
It happens all the time on campaigns.  Thousands of signs are ordered, and there are only hundreds of locations to place them.  Victory VoIP has the solution.

As your volunteers make calls have them ask favorable voters if they’d like a sign in their yard.  This data is kept in real time, and lists can be easily produced for a yard sign coordinator to go out and place the signs. 

Raising Money with Victory VoIP

Direct mail fundraising is a great tool for campaigns to raise money.  Victory VoIP can increase your profit margin on direct mail fundraising.

Follow up phone calls using Victory VoIP helps improve the success rate of your direct mail.  Oftentimes, a reminder call from a campaign volunteer will help prod the contributor into writing a check or going on the website and making an online contribution.