What is Victory VoIP?

Victory VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is a multi-functional, phone bank system that can triple volunteer call output, enabling voter contact goals to be reached faster, and with fewer volunteers.

The Victory VoIP phone system is all-inclusive, and simple to use. Victory VoIP is available as a permanent fixture in a campaign headquarters, or as a traveling system that can be used in multiple locations.

Why Victory VoIP?

Victory VoIP has numerous benefits for Republican political campaigns. With Victory VoIP, unlike traditional phone banks, all you need to get started is a high-speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, or T1), electricity, and volunteers. Not only is Victory VoIP's technology cutting-edge, it is cost effective for any campaign.

The traveling Victory VoIP phone system comes in an extra-sturdy case with wheels, handle, and high-quality foam cushion. The phone cords, power cord, ethernet cords, and up to 12 phones all fit into one traveling case. Cases can fit easily in a car and can even be checked as luggage on commercial airlines. Campaign staff or volunteers are able to set up a Victory phone bank and be making calls in less than 15 minutes.

Traveling Victory VoIP systems can be used effectively in offices, homes, or at political rallies. Prior to making calls, the voter database, call script, and ID questions are loaded onto the server using Victory Center—an online technology management tool. This process is simple — even for those who are not computer savvy.

Other Benefits of Victory VoIP

  • Easy to use for volunteers.
  • No need for bubble sheets—information is input directly on high-contrast, easy-to-read phone screens.
  • Voicemail messages can be pre-recorded by the candidate, surrogate, or supporter and left with the touch of a button while the next call is being placed.
  • Compatible with all standard data sources including, but not limited to Voter Vault, proprietary systems, and Secretary of State databases.
  • Off-site management – a computer is not required on-site.
  • Run multiple campaigns from the same phone bank location..
  • Accurately and instantly track individual volunteer productivity.
  • Detailed, real-time call reporting.

Victory VoIP—More than just a phone bank!

Polling, Voter ID, and RobocCalls can all be done using the Victory VoIP system.

Victory VoIP automated polling uses proven technology that is much more affordable than traditional polling. Automated poll scripts are recorded by professional voice talent and provide quick and accurate results.